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A free-trade zone (FTZ) is a designated location in the United States where companies can use special procedures that help encourage U.S. activity and value added – in competition with foreign alternatives – by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings.

A site which has been granted zone status may not be used for zone activity until the site has been separately approved for FTZ activation by local U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials, and the zone activity remains under the supervision of CBP. FTZ sites and facilities remain within the jurisdiction of local, state or federal governments or agencies.

IDO FTZ is established in Georgia, Puerto Rico, and Texas.

Discover IDO Consumer Innovative

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Discover IDO Consumer Innovative

Manufacturers from all over the world, will have designated storefronts


International business time is precious, so IDO FTZ is here for you 365 days a year.


We have the transportation to accommodate all your international distribution needs.


Your business is going to need space, IDO FTZ offers 3 million square feet of warehouse space


Doing International business can be challenging but IDO FTZ is here to help solve problems.

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